Osteopathic Works


Osteopathy is a wonderful, safe and gentle treatment option during pregnancy, for new mothers, their babies and children.

At Osteopathic Works our Osteopaths understand the progressive changes that occur to a pregnant women’s body to allow for the developing child.  Difficulties may arise as the ligaments soften, spinal curves adapt and the centre of gravity shifts.

Some of the common pregnancy-related symptoms Osteopaths assist with include back and pelvic pain, sciatica, indigestion and breathing difficulties.  Our Osteopaths can assess your body pre-pregnancy to ensure there are no underlying restrictions.  Many pregnant women will continue the regular advice and treatment from an Osteopath even if they are not experiencing difficulties, to ensure continuing comfort and preparation for their labour and delivery.

Post-natal treatment

The female spine and pelvis are vulnerable to lasting strains from the forces during childbirth.  Osteopathy can assist in treating these strains and imbalances to correct possible future back problems.

Caring for a new baby also places subsequent demands on your body which may result in aches and pains.  Feeding, disrupted sleep, pushing prams, nursing your baby and reaching over a cot can place enormous strain on certain areas of your body.  Our Osteopathic treatment includes assessing your individual needs, giving exercise advice and pain management.  This will help you to relax while enjoying time with your baby.